Hello! My name is Andrea Gritter and I am a Dutch independent illustrator, designer and copywriter.

I was born in a family of artistic nutheads, with musicians, designers and more. My dad is a painter (gritterhans.com), as well as his parents. Drawing was always stimulated, and I loved it. After working as a graphic designer and video editor for almost ten years, with the computer as my BFF, I decided to focus more on the real manual labour of drawing, with pen and paper, and real colors. Nowadays, I like to mix all kinds of techniques, digital as well, but drawing is still my favourite.

To me, every image, text or illustration is a story, a little tale. I love to work on my own ideas, but also do commissioned work and collaborate with other talented creatives. I create hand drawn art, and play with mixed techniques on the edge of fashion, realistic drawings, patterns, cute kids stuff and cartoonish characters. Girls, animals, and other figures in their own world, products for grown up and small children. I also draw on or make images with different surfaces and textures, like paper, ceramics and fabrics. You might describe my style as being clean line art with selective colors and a lot of black and white illustrations.











illustratie • tekenaar • Amsterdam • Haarlem • kinderboeken
pentekening • lijntekening • ontwerper • illustrator